RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express Hold Their Annual Franchise Meeting

From January 20th through January 22nd, RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express franchisees gathered together at the Renaissance, Tampa Airport. Franchisees from 19 states (over 65 attendees) traveled to Tampa, as they do every January, for training, sharing, a vendor show, and their annual awards banquet. Read More

Spotlight on Service: Painting Brake Calipers at RNR

Dear Bree, I just got some great new wheels for my car a few weeks ago, but now that they’re on, the things around them don’t shine so bright anymore.  I never paid any attention to brake calipers before, but now that my wheels are super-sharp looking, my rust-spattered, matte-grey calipers are spoiling the look.  I was complaining about this … Read More

Beware of Deflate-gate (in Your Tires)

Pretty sure you’ve all heard a good bit about Deflate-gate by now.  You know, those 11 footballs that were somewhat deflated in the Patriots win over the Colts.  We’ve watched the physicists, players, coaches and analysts debate, and we still have no idea what actually happened to those footballs, but we do know that you should keep an eye on … Read More

RNR Translates Your Tires

Dear Bree, Taking a closer look at my tires the other day, I noticed that there are a lot of numbers and letters and symbols printed on them.  Some of them, I’m familiar with, but I have no idea what the others mean.  Can you translate? Mandi in Arkansas   Hi Mandi! I can absolutely help you translate those letters, … Read More

RNR’s Annual Franchisee Conference

There was a lot to celebrate at RNR’s Annual Franchisee Conference this year in Tampa, FL! Ninety-nine percent of our franchisees converged on Tampa from almost 20 states to talk about their successes in 2014, plan for 2015 and celebrate an unprecedented year of success for RNR. From discussing digital marketing and formally presenting our new website to franchisees, to … Read More

What’s Winter Doing to Your Wheels and Tires? RNR Explains.

Winter is officially here, and your wheels and tires are feeling it.  With winter, at least in our mid-Atlantic, western and northern states, comes snow and ice–as well as salt on the roads, potholes, and drastic temperature changes.  Combined, these new road conditions and hazards can wreak havoc on your wheels and tires unless you’re vigilant. What to Watch for … Read More

RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express Unleashes a New Website!

RNR is excited to premiere our new website! We’ve added new features like our Gallery, where customers can get ideas by flipping through a multitude of photos of vehicles with various wheels and tires; and our Wheel Studio.  The Wheel Studio will let customers see what their specific car or truck will look like with each of the wheels they … Read More